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iPhone 3Gs 8 GB from 539 euros; also comes new Mac mini

iPhone 3Gs 8 GB from 539 euros; also comes new Mac mini –

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Apple puts its store back online and the possibility of ordering an iPhone appears. This is not for the ?4? model which, as expected, is deferred over time, but for the 3GS model which has been retested at 8 GB. The mobile phone, completely identical to the old one, which has the possibility to fully use the new operating system iOs 4 with multitasking and all the advanced functions. it costs ? 539 and is delivered for June 24th.

Also available a new and modernized also from a stylistic point of view, version of Mac mini "with – says Apple – up to twice the graphics performance, a new HDMI port and a new SD card slot, all in an exceptionally aluminum chassis compact and price starting from 799 euros including VAT "

More services on Macitynet shortly

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