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iLink 0.6 beta: all bookmarks of all browsers at a mouse click

Angelo Scicolone presented exclusively to Macity a beta preview of his new shareware: iLink, Browsers-Integration-Oriented Bookmarks Manager.

Shareware groups all bookmarks in a window and allows you to copy, move or simply use them with a simple click.

The import is not "one-off", as safari or mozilla do with Internet Explorer bookmarks: they can be updated at any time with the "reload" command.

iLink also allows you to organize your bookmarks as a normal bookmark manager does by dividing them into folders: you can open any bookmark (both imported and saved by the user) with any browser.

A convenient floating palette then allows you to bring iLink to the foreground or launch a typed url on one of the browsers of your system.

By dragging a link on the "Go" button from any application, you can launch it, even if in simple text format. Needless to point out how useful such an application can be, in a moment of great turmoil in the world of Mac browsers where Safari, Chimera, Mozilla are giving a hard time to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, many mac users feel the need to change browsers but they don't they are afraid of having to reorganize their favorites and to duplicate or triple each storage, modification or update for each browser owned.

With iLink it will instead be possible to share your favorites on any browser without any stress or waste of time. The iLink 0.6 pre-release available in public Beta on this page of Zik?s Softwareh (By Rudy Belcastro)