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A trailer of Highborn, turn-based strategy game for iPhone and touch

A trailer of Highborn, turn-based strategy game for iPhone and touch –

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The Jet Set Games development team has released today the official trailer of Highborn, a strategy game recently launched on the iPhone and iPod Touch and which has already received public and critical acclaim. The developers had attracted a lot of attention thanks to their curriculum in the field of RTS, since among them are some of the creators of the original chapters of Command & Conquer, a well-known franchise of tactical games for PC. Every battle in Highborn alternates between tactical shifts of your units and fights in a 3D field: the result is an extremely rewarding turn-based experience and which, especially in the most advanced sessions, will require well-studied tactics.

Furthermore, through an official press release, Jet Set Games announced that, after a week from the game's release, the first full-bodied update has already been sent to Apple, which corrects some bugs, adds integration to Facebook and improves some GUI elements. There is already a further update in the pipeline, with many more news than the previous one, although for now it is not possible to know when it will be launched or what the additions are. Highborn currently available on the App Store on launch offer for ? 2.39.

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