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Honor is ready to present new products: appointment on May 18, in five days, for an event (of course live streaming, because of the coronavirus) where we will speak primarily of televisions and laptops. More specifically, at least two important products are expected:

  • Honor Vision Pro, a smart TV that serves to strengthen the brand's position in the Internet of Things sector
  • Honor MagicBook Pro, laptop that should beat both MagicBook 14 and 15.6. Calculating how the dynamics between Honor and the main brand Huawei work, it is safe to assume that this new MagicBook Pro is basically the counterpart of Huawei Matebook X Pro, released at the end of February with the new tenth generation Intel "U" processors (and reviewed by us just a few days ago).

Like Huawei, also Honor, due to the ban imposed by the United States about a year ago, has seen its market share in the smartphone sector collapse outside China. So it is working to become a more important presence in other sectors – such as that of the IoT and computers, but also as that of smart, wrist and "ear" wearables. We would not be surprised if other accessories arrived in addition to the two products listed above.