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Apple Logic Pro X, the "most important update since its launch" arrives

Apple released an update of Logic Pro X to version 10.5. It is a very important release – to use Apple's own words, "the most important since the launch of Logic Pro X" – for both musicians and producers. There are new advanced tools for creating real-time loops, samplers and creating drum / percussion tracks. In summary:

  • Live Loops is the highlight of the release. It is a tracker that allows you to manage loops, samples and audio clips and arrange them in an innovative grid interface that simplifies their insertion in the timeline. Remix FX is a large and quality collection of various sound effects. Of course, everything is compatible with the Logic Remote app, which allows iOS / iPadOS devices to control the effects in real time.
  • Sampler and Quick Sampler – evolution of EXS24, it has a renewed interface and an even deeper system to modulate the sound. Drag & drop is supported to manage effects automation with ease. Quick Sampler instead transforms each sound clip into an instrument ready to be edited and used in an audio track.
  • Rhythmic section – several new tools have been introduced to create rhythmic tracks in a simpler and more intuitive way, including:
    • Step sequencer, editor for programming the basics of percussion, bass and more. The interface is inspired by that of traditional drum machines.
    • Drum Synth – large collection of samples of drum parts such as bass drum, snare drum and tom, and other types of percussion.
    • Drum Machine Designer – tool that allows you to create your own electronic drum set has been updated and optimized for integration with the new features of Logic Pro X. Of course Quick Sampler and Drum Synth are also supported.
  • Logic Remote, the companion app for iOS, has been updated to support new features. In particular, you can activate a sound in Live Loops, search for and add loops, and activate Remix FX.

Logic Pro X has also been updated to support the hardware capabilities of Macs released in the last period. As usual, the update is free and is already available on the Mac App Store. For those interested, the DAW costs ? 229 "one-off"; there is the possibility of making a trial period.