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Sprite Something: pixel art with iPad

Sprite Something: pixel art with iPad –

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The slightly nostalgic graphic designers and designers, as well as the geeks who love old 2D video games, will be happy to know that Terrible Games has published on the App Store a very nice application called Sprite Something. It is basically a tool that allows the creation of icons and small sprites, from a minimum of 64 × 64 pixels in size up to a maximum of 512 × 512. The interesting thing that the works can also be exported to your computer: useful if you draw something on the go and then want to implement it in your work.

Unfortunately, it is currently not yet possible to zoom in or out on the image, although the developer has already confirmed that this and many other features will be included in one of the next updates. There are only four tools available, but Sprite Something allows you to choose any color tone, without limiting yourself to the dear old 8bit. Even the export of the file is not the maximum, since it takes place only through iTunes File Sharing. The application currently available on the App Store at a cost of ? 2.39.

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