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Sonos founder: “Is Apple closed? You should see Spotify "

Sonos co-founder John MacFarlane didn't make it anymore and he blurted out: really an irony that just he says this thing, he commented in front of the exit of the CEO and billionaire founder of Spotify, Daniel Ek, according to which that Apple is a closed ecosystem that the antitrust should deal with, so much so that it has filed a complaint before the European antitrust against Apple.

Furthermore, in an interview with Bloomberg, Elk said that Apple "has a way to go" before becoming "an open and balanced platform" with respect to the ecosystem of companies that collaborate or compete.

The intervention of Sonos is no small thing. The company produces high-level speakers and soundbars that must be able to work punctually with all services such as Spotify. And it is clear that things never went smoothly. Hence the desire to remove the pebble from MacFarlane's shoe.

I respect and appreciate both companies said MacFarlane but Spotify certainly not open. Spotify the largest music streaming company in the world by number of users. And chased mainly by the Apple Music streaming service. In the commercial confrontation between the two companies Spotify has also decided to introduce a legal aspect: according to Ek Apple has introduced rules in the app store whose purpose is to intentionally limit the choice and block innovation at the expense of user experience.

Sonos founder: Apple closed? You should see SpotifyPictures from the Sonos Blog.

The criticism of Spotify now partially reduced derives above all from the Apple App Store rule which provides, since its launch in 2008, that 30% of the price tag of the apps, in-app purchases or services purchased through the app go to Apple. So forcing Spotify, according to Ek, to raise the price of its services "far above" those of Apple.

MacFarlane is a rather anomalous type of technological entrepreneur. He made a fortune with Sonos and beyond, but he also took two years to go to teach 17 and 18 year olds (American college freshmen) and an entrepreneur genuinely brought to market freedom. He does not participate in the "Silicon Valley comedy", in which everyone pretends to defend privacy, competitiveness, market rigor, the need for collectivity, but then they set up the most rapacious behaviors possible.

It is no coincidence that McFarlane also criticizes Facebook in a tweet, clarifying that the reason he does not use products from that company is essentially a company that violates the law with the protection of part of the American administration. MacFarlane takes up a sentence of a federal sentence, in fact, which is quite clear: the unscrupulous way in which Facebook violated the American law on the collection and control of personal data (sentence passed almost muted due to the coronavirus emergency).

As for the market in which Sonos is present, it is clear that it is one of those areas in which streaming platforms conquer millions of users and then have bad and good weather. To work, Sonos has made deals with dozens of companies offering music services, including Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, MOG, QQ Music and Amazon Music.

Sonos products also work with most voice assistants: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Siri instead currently only supported through the Apple Home app. For this reason, the way in which companies close or delete APIs (the programming interfaces that allow you to connect software and devices to the services of others) that the Santa Barbara company does not guarantee for the future that "none of these partnerships will also supported in the future. ?The risk that APIs will be canceled or that the price of royalties will suddenly become high to make cash.