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Microsoft Word and PowerPoint: documents can be placed side by side on iPad

Microsoft has updated several of its Office package applications on iOS in the last few hours, but only two of these have received a very important novelty. Let's talk about Word and PowerPoint, which now fully support the potential of the Split View function of iPadOS 13.

For those who don't remember, Split View allows an application to play multiple instances of itself, giving rise to the possibility of placing two tabs of the same application side by side. Word and PowerPoint now support this mode of use, so it's possible open two documents at a time and work simultaneously on both.

Activating Split View is very simple: just go to the file selection screen – practically the main screen of the two apps -, grab a document and drag it to the right edge of the screen. Once this is done, it will be possible to open a second file by simply clicking on it. At this point the controls become the classic ones that we find even when we combine two different applications: we can therefore resize the windows as we like, close one or reduce it in Slide Over mode.

This is undoubtedly an update highly anticipated by those who are used to using the apps of the Office package also on iPad. We have seen that the same function is also being tested on the new Office application, while we have to wait a little longer for full trackpad support.