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Apple releases iOS 4 gold master to developers

Apple releases iOS 4 gold master to developers –

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Apple has made available the gold master version of iOS 4, this is the name of the new operating system that officially replaces the iPhone OS name used since the presentation of the first iPhone in 2007 until yesterday. The developers will thus be able to experience iOS 4 in an almost definitive form: the gold master version in fact the last stage of processing followed by the final version of the OS.

In this new version released a few hours after the end of the Steve Jobs keynote, the developers report the more reactive and faster operation for the camera, the integration of Bing between the predefined search engines and of course, for the first time, the indication of the new iOS 4 name announced yesterday by Moscone Center for the first time. As with any release of the operating system from Apple, the developers are already working to fathom every possible detail and new function: very likely that other news will come to light in the next few hours.

For the installation of iOS 4 gold master it is necessary to use the new iTunes 9.2 also this for now only available for developers. Recall that the availability of iOS 4 for the public and users will start from June 21, 3 days before the launch of iPhone 4 in the USA.

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