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The 10 apps to make iPad your free time companion

iPad cannot and does not want to replace a real computer but it certainly wants to be the reference device for a holiday, hobbies, personal passions or even for a few minutes of leisure. Macitynet went in search of 10 of the most interesting apps available on the App Store to start moving your iPad making it more useful and, if we want, also fun

Milan Street Map

Milan Street Map arrives where Google Maps cannot: the app loads a complete map of Milan at street level into the iPad's memory, thus allowing us to move around the Lombard capital without having to use the Internet connection. In addition to the roads, the app also allows you to locate numerous places of public interest such as ATMs, car parks, museums and much more. On the App Store for 2.39 euros.Milan Street Map

Live MotoGP 2010 Official Timing – Premium PassIt is the only official app to follow all the Moto GP races from the iPad: the track and the position of all the riders is shown on the screen. It allows you to follow your favorite rider, displays the position and every race detail, the rankings and offers live commentary for the MotoGP races. In addition to the possibility of replaying any moment of the race, it allows you to zoom in and out on each individual driver. Official MotoGP 2010 Live Timing – Premium Pass costs 14.99 euros on the App Store.

Live MotoGP Official Timing 2010

Sturmtruppen Book

Among the first Italian comics to land in digital format on iPad we mention Sturmtruppen Book. It allows you to browse and have fun with the comic strip of the historic stripes: this edition created for the Apple tablet offers an entire book of 60 pages all in color on the App Store for just 79 cents.Sturmtruppen Book

F1 2010 Timing app – Championship PassFormula 1 fans can take advantage of iPad to follow the grand prizes with all the data and positions reserved to date for team engineers in the paddocks. The real-time position of the cars is displayed on the track map, while the tables offer all the times and gaps. Zoom functions, live commentary and full access to all tests and grand prizes make this app a must-have for any true F1 enthusiast. F1 2010 Timing app the only official app to offer all this information and functions: proposed on the App Store for 25.99 euros.

F1 2010 Timing app - Championship Pass

iCurrency Pad This app offers not only calculator functions but a full set of functions for currency conversion and exchange rate monitoring. The program offers 150 currencies from around the world, the ability to set your favorite currencies to streamline usage, exchange rate tables and much more. Available on the App Store for 79 cents.

iCurrency Pad

Meteo360 for iPad Even the consultation of the weather forecast becomes spectacular with iPad. Meteo360 offers 3 views depending on how we hold the tablet: our position horizontally and the weather are displayed on the map centered on our position. Pointing iPad upwards the current weather is shown, finally supporting iPad vertically the software retrieves an image of our position, if available, and displays the weather forecast overlay. In this way, the app offers a vision similar to augmented reality even if iPad does not have a webcam. On the App Store for 1.59 euros.

Meteo360 for iPad

Magic Piano With an expense of only 79 cents, this ingenious app offers everyone the illusion of knowing how to play the piano like a real teacher. Use the iPad screen to play a piano keyboard and the built-in speaker to make very convincing sounds. It offers numerous ways to play and have fun with music and can enchant relatives and friends by showing the incredible functions of iPad. Magic Piano a purchase highly recommended by Macitynet for all iPad users, even those denied for music. On the App Store for only 79 cents.

Magic Piano

Korg ELECTRIBER: the synthesizer on iPadKorg ELECTRIBER: a name, a myth for those who love the genre of synthetic music and especially for those who have loved it from the beginning. For 10 years, this instrument has been one of the most coveted by dance and electronics producers and has now been accessible to everyone, transformed into an application for the iPad: the KORG iELECTRIBE virtual analog beatbox. On sale for ? 7.99.

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Family Tracker for iPad Just install Family Tracker on the iPhone of the family member whose location we want to observe in order to have a quick and effective location anytime, anywhere in the world. With this app, the map and the position of our family members equipped with iPhone viewable on the iPad screen. Respect for privacy guaranteed, because our contact will activate the tracking function on your device. On the App Store for 5.99 euros.

Family Tracker for iPad

iSpy Cameras With this app, the iPad screen becomes a window on the world thanks to the thousands of public webcams scattered around the globe. The app displays pages and pages of miniatures of the various shots: just a tap to go to see and a double tap to return to the miniatures. If the webcam supports it, you can even control the direction, movements and zoom with your fingers on the iPad screen. Available on the App Store at 79 cents.

iSpy Cameras