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Research everywhere.

Discretely positioned anywhere on the screen of your Mac, shadowGoogle a small rectangle where you can search on the most important search engine, obtaining the results in the reference browser.

There are two versions of shadowGoogle: shadowGoogle Light (312 KB) and shadowGoogle 2.1.1 (2.2 MB), the second (graphically distinguishable in the image on the side only by the arrow that opens the menu) has some additional functions compared to the version Light, that is, it is not limited to just searching for a word in Google (images, usenet, news, translations, etc.) but also on Apple websites (QuickTime trailer, Mac OS X and ADC downloads), Yahoo! (search, categories, shopping, yellow pages, usenet, stock quotes, films, music and images), Version Tracker (Classic, Mac OS X, Win and Palm), eBay or Pricewatch (search and categories) .shadowGoogle, by StupidFish23 , you activate by paying $ 7.50 for the single license.