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Macworld on the horizon, rumors are on the way

The Macworld is approaching and we begin to perceive the first tam tams of rumors about what will be shown at the San Francisco review.

For now it is only very weak rumors and often only of inferences based on logic rather than real leaks.

Among the most popular is the hypothesis of the launch of new iMac screens larger than the current ones and which seems to be confirmed also by the Taiwanese assemblers who from October would have suspended the production of the 15-inch models.

According to Macbidouille, a French site that has had some success predicting Apple's news in the past, for Apple it would not only be about eliminating the 15-inch model, but adding a 19-inch one at the top of the range.

Confirmations in this sense would come from rumors that the highest model in the iMac range would arrive at an astronomical price of 4000 euros. The only element capable of increasing the price of an all in one machine at these levels is just a 19-inch screen, which would presumably be in a wide format. Obviously this iMac would also have a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of Ram as well as the Supedrive.

From other sources it was learned that Apple, here too rather predictably, would launch renewed G4 models on the market. Those who indulge themselves in the hypotheses are not particularly optimistic and limit themselves to thinking of 1.5 GHz updates, perhaps with double or even quadruple processors to curb the loss of competitiveness towards Pentium. The current 1.2 GHz machines capable of booting from Mac OS 9 would remain in circulation, as explicitly admitted by Apple.

According to other sites, there may also be news in the field of the eMac (which could be brought to 1 GHz) and even in the field of laptops with the launch, according to an imaginative rumor, of a new laptop halfway between the iBook and the Titanium .

There is no lack of indiscretions even on the software. To speak in this regard the compassionate and despecialized, Forbes who processes various indiscretions collected on the net in the past months, also in the field of iApplications. Apple could launch its own Internet browser based on Mozilla but also an iChat update to which the video conferencing capability would be added.

Among the 'various and possible' we also mention the indiscretion, also this by now quite seasoned, according to which the range of monitors could be completely renewed (with the 22-inch Cinema Display leaving the scene and the arrival of a model to be 19/20 inches) and the Bluetoooth landing integrated in all Mac and desktop laptops.

Finally, almost everyone says they are ready to bet on a new step forward in the refinement of the digital hub strategy with new alliances, new technologies, software and hardware updates capable of boosting what appears to be the most current of recent intuitions of Apple.