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Mac OS 10.2.3 and the iTunes update that does not update

After updating to 10.2.3 by calling the sodtware update function again, readers expect to have nothing more to update; in almost all cases, however, it is reported to update itunes to version 3.0.1 even if it is already the version present on your Mac.

The problem lies in the fact that the translated version of iTunes for some reason does not have the official version number 3.0.1, so the software update engine gets confused. In fact, on computers, where, as you know, users for xenophilia have the System in English, the problem does not occur.

Here are the possible solutions: – disable the update control for iTunes. (dirty solution, immediate but not recommended) – or manually correct the iTunes 3 ITA version number in the accompanying XML documents. (optimal solution but not very easy to make)

Here's how to make the second solution. By clicking on the application to bring up the contents of the package, until you get to: /Applications/

And by opening the file with BBEdit (but TextEdit also displays it), you can read the value of the variable CFBundleShortVersionString = "3.0f3" By replacing with CFBundleShortVersionString = "3.0.1" and saving the file appropriately, the problem is solved.