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Autosprint the automotive weekly coming to iPad

Autosprint the motoring weekly coming to iPad –

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Autosprint, the well-known weekly magazine dedicated to the world of motoring, will land on iPad in a digital and interactive edition on Friday 28 May, simultaneously with the launch of the tablet in Italy. In the press release of the presentation, Conti Editore states that this will not be a simple PDF version of the printed magazine, but a new edition created to take full advantage of the iPad functions.

Autosprint for iPad has been created with the same technological platform used to create Time Magazine for iPad and will offer two main consultation methods. With iPad horizontally, two pages will be displayed side by side to faithfully reproduce the weekly reading experience. On the other hand, when the user holds iPad vertically, the entire newspaper will be repaginated instantly to facilitate reading and fluency of the text. Baster then touch an image to enlarge it to full screen and see it transformed into a complete video. Updates, news and insights on the world of 4 wheels will be offered with audio files of the interviews, videos and of course high quality photographs that use the iPad screen.

In the first issue that will arrive on the App Store on Friday, motoring enthusiasts will be able to see the video of the test of the new Ferrari GTO, the fastest Red road ever built by Maranello. The Autosprint app will be offered for 1.59 euros.

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