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Virtual PC arrives at version 6.0

More speed; more integration with Mac OS X technologies, more ease in the use of printers. These and many others are the novelties of Virtual PC 6.0.

The update of the popular emulation program was announced today by Connectix which further refines what has been and remains one of the most popular programs for the Mac.

Version 6.0, as mentioned, stands out for numerous refinements specifically designed for Mac OS X. One of these is the possibility of using the dock to open the Windows "Start" menu. This also occurs when Virtual PC has not been launched; selecting an application or a file present in the Windows menu, always visible, determines the launch of Virtual PC.

Virtual PC 6.0 also has a 25% higher speed (says Connectix) than previous versions; the increase in performance will be particularly noticeable with the release of Mac OS X 10.2.3 (currently not yet available).

Virtual PC can also manage USB printers, it also supports full-screen viewing on the 23-inch Apple Cinema.

Virtual PC 6.0 Upgrade and Virtual PC 6.0 with DOS are already available for download from the Connectix website. Bundles with Windows 98 and Windows XP operating systems will go on sale from the end of December. Prices on the American market range from $ 99 to $ 249.

The product distributed in our country by Alias.

A review of the previous version (5.0) appeared on MacProf a few weeks ago.