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The Kodak DCS Pro 14n super digicamera arrives in 2003.

The Kodak DCS Pro 14n super digicamera arrives in 2003. –

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13.89 megapixel photographs (maximum resolution 4.536×3.024) the "bomb" feature of the Kodak DCS Pro 14n announced during the last September Photokina, was expected in mid-December but will not arrive on the market before mid-January (for guarantee the highest product quality, according to Kodak's declarations). The "full 35 mm" (24 x 36 mm) CMOS sensor that equips this professional digital camera with a 12 MB per second transfer rate (four times greater) FireWire port of the other DCS models), one step ahead of the traditional CCD sensor that equips the DCS 760 model, another difference is the support of the ISO 800 (in the DCS 760 model the maximum ISO 400). The body-chamber of the Kodak DCS Pro 14n was produced by Nikon (shares the magnesium chassis of the F100 / F80 model) and can take advantage of the accessories of this Japanese manufacturer, including AF Nikkor lenses, D-type Manual-Focus Nikkor and AI-P Nikkor. rca $ 4,000, has a double slot for memory cards, capable of accepting Type I and II Compact Flash cards and SD / MMC cards.

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