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Robot Unicorn Attack will arrive on the iPhone

Robot Unicorn Attack will arrive on iPhone –

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For those who do not know it, Robot Unicorn Attack is one of the most successful clones of Canabalt, which with its Flash version has bewitched a disproportionate amount of players: currently, the game created by Scott Stoddard has exceeded the figure of 20 million views. The success obtained could therefore not have a sequel: the PopWatch column of the network has in fact published the news that Robot Unicorn Attack will be launched on June 1 on the App Store at a cost of ? 2.39.

In the game, a robotic unicorn will have to whiz and jump into a pink fairy-tale world, accompanied by the notes of a song that has already become a cult on the internet. The player will basically have to jump over obstacles or destroy them by impacting them hard, trying to cover the greatest distance possible without losing all three lives. The iPhone version, even judging from the published image, will be substantially identical, with two buttons on the corners of the screen to jump or jump to the office.

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