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Reopening of the Apple Store, from 11 May in Germany, uncertainty in Italy

Apple stores in Germany will reopen on 11 May. These will join the Apple stores already open in South Korea, Austria and Australia. The 15 stores in Germany will restart on day 11, at 11:00. In Italy still closed shops.

In the decision to reopen, the constant decline of new cases of infected, with a curve that now seems flattened, would have played a fundamental role, enough for Chancellor Angela Merkel to begin to loosen the national block, and allow large retail stores to resume 'activities.

I launch iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, here in Berlin

The Apple Stores in Germany will, of course, adhere to all precautions imposed by the government to safeguard health and safety. At least initially, the reopening will be focused on service and support, with customers who will still be encouraged to shop online. Customers who instead go to the stores of the Apple Retail chain may experience delays, and obviously there will be limitations in the entrances, in order to be able to maintain the necessary safety distances.

Beijing Apple Stores reopened with special coronavirus measures

The stores will not reopen at full capacity, but with more limited hours, it will be mandatory for anyone to use masks inside. Temperature controls could be applied to the entrance, using contactless thermometers, with particular attention to cleaning and sanitizing the products on display several times a day. Instead, Today at Apple sessions for the monento remain suspended.

The reopening of the Apple Stores in Germany was announced by Apple with a statement reported by the German website Macerkopf. On the other hand, there is still uncertainty in Italy, where there seems to be no hope of reopening until May 18, when the government could decide to loosen its grip, and to allow the reopening of large retail stores, obviously in full compliance with the security protocols .

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