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RealOne for Mac and PC, the same but not too much

There is a mixture of satisfaction and disappointment among Mac users after the release of the final version of RealOne.

The presentation of the player, which we announced yesterday, in fact means the possibility of reproducing countless multimedia contents available on the Internet even with the new operating system. A fact that cannot fail to arouse optimism among those who appreciate the new OS.

Too bad, hence the disappointment, that the new player as some Internet sites note, is not capable of doing many of the things that his "twin" does for Windows.

For the PC platform, in fact, there is also a "Plus" version available, which is about twenty dollars and capable, for example, of organizing MP3 lists, communicating with audio players and burning discs. RealOne for Mac cannot even play streaming encoded in the QuickTime or Windows Media Player format, which is capable of making the Windows version.

RealNetworks justified this shortcoming with the difficulties that the presentation of Jaguar caused in the development of the player. The complications imposed by the new OS, again according to Real, would have placed a choice: either to further delay the presentation of RealOne to wait for the changes necessary to engineer the functions of "Plus" or to limit itself to the basic version.

The option for the basic version would not be extraneous to the business model that Real is undertaking since with lower costs it allows to increase the profits deriving from the "fee" for access to paid streaming services, today "bulk" of the profits by Real.

RealNetworks declares that the Plus version also for Mac being developed but that the times have not been set.

It is likely that, in any case, RealOne Plus for Mac may still not include some of the features of the PC version. In fact, Real claims that competition with iApplications could render Real Juke Box useless, a feature performed very well by iTunes.