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MSN: Mac OS X and iApps are revolutionary.

MSN: Mac OS X and iApps are revolutionary. –

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An interesting article entitled "The computer desk now obsolete?" appeared on the Slate site, already of the MSN-Microsoft group. After twenty years of PC staticity it seems that the 2003 computer has really changed its purpose and use, the desktop metaphor gave everything it could give, with enormous advantages for users, and the company that first invented this concept, Apple, is now revolutionizing this idea. This is the incipit of Steve Johnson who signs the piece that enhances the qualities of the interface of Mac OS X but even more he dwells on the iApps defining them very effective and customizable by the user. The author does not limit himself to this exaltation but pushes himself "dangerously" (in consideration of the site that hosts it) to comment on the rumored Longhorn, code name of the Microsoft's next operating system, not yet officially announced: it would go in the opposite direction from the concept expressed by Apple's software solutions, unified interface for all needs (email, web , graphics, sound, video, etc.). A vision that can be summarized as follows: Apple becomes complicated in its variations and Microsoft simplifies with a unique management, few and unique instructions to be stored, for the happiness of the lazy. Quite the opposite of what happened some time ago with the Mac System and the DOS of the PCs, but given the new way of using the computer of today (which replaces the jukebox, the VCR and the photo album), the choice Apple seems to win, even if a true parallel between the two systems not explicitly stated on Slate.Bill will take it or is it a smart trick to make the wary Mac users visit the Microsoft portal?

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