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Logitech, here is the '€ œcompanion box' 'for Google TV

Engadget got a first look at the Logitech companion box that works in conjunction with Google TV. The device supports the functionality of the Logitech Harmony universal remote control with wireless RF technology (rechargeable remote control, with color touch screen and backlit buttons sold in Italy for ? 299.00), a device that allows you to control not only Google TV but also various devices entertainment (example DVR). The Logitech companion-box can be controlled not only with the Logitech remote control but also (via WiFi) with iPhone / iPad and Android applications currently under development (the Logitech demonstration was made using an iPhone and a Nexus One). As for the iPhone application, this can control not only the Google browser but also Samsung TVs, Onkyo receivers and the TiVo set top box, through gestures and virtual keyboards that appear on the Apple smartphone screen.

Those who do not have a new generation smartphone can optionally equip the device with an optional keyboard and radio frequency touchpad, two accessories that should be available at the time of launch. Two USB ports on the back will allow you to connect dongles operating on 2.4GHz and various peripherals. In addition to the standard functions of Google TV, Logitech has made it known that the device will integrate applications for video chat 1080p / 720p, VID (it will be necessary to purchase optional webcams for this functionality).

On the hardware side, the device based on an Atom processor (Intel CE4100, codenamed "Sodaville") that operates at 1.2GHz, equipped with 4Gb of RAM memory and 802.11n WiFi connection. In addition to the first named USB ports, the rear panel features a LAN connector, two infrared headers (presumably for IP control from DVR), two HDMI 1.3 ports that obtain Dolby surround 5.1 video and audio, via HDMI or S / PDIF.

(By Mauro Notarianni)