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Living room Linux is born

A new version of Linux for the gadget and home entertainment market will emerge from an agreement between Sony and Matsushita.

The announcement of the agreement, which arrived today and supported by two giants such as Japanese brands, means the official appointment of the Open Source operating system as "enemy number one" of Windows also in the field of "lounge computer", market segment that Redmond intends to dominate with the launch, recently occurred, of its Windows for Entertainment PC, but also and above all with the various versions of Windows for set top boxes and digital devices.

The new version of Linux that Sony and Matsushita (which controls brands such as National and Panasonic, will have to be able to boot very quickly and manage TV systems, digital recorders, video and audio devices. The new operating system could also be used in devices. pocket watches, MP3 players and even advanced PDAs or even smart cell phones.

Sony and Matsushita, according to some sources, could also form a forum to establish common development perspectives and standards around which to implement the new version of Linux. On the horizon we can see respectable allies interested in the prospect: Hitachi, IBM, NEC Electronics, Philips, Samsung Sharp are just some of the brands that have expressed interest in joining a working group.

Sony and Matsushita have diminished the prospect of an Os chge competing with those produced by Microsoft, but it is clear that the main goal of Linux for digital devices aims to relieve the world of consumer electronics from dependence on a proprietary operating system, reducing costs and increasing freedom of development. The only alternative to the use of a Microsoft OS, for each of these brands, would be the use of proprietary operating systems, with consequent impact on development costs.