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Karate Champ: the historic fighting game now on iPhone and touch

Karate Champ: the historic fighting game now on iPhone and touch –

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Starting in 1984, the Karate Champ cabinet attracted a large number of boys to the screen: it was enough to insert a coin to become martial arts masters and challenge each other against the computer or against another opponent. The bar and game room cabinet often remembered because it was the only one to integrate 4 joysticks, two per player. To move the karateka and to perform the different actions it was necessary to learn to use the two joysticks simultaneously and, above all with perfect timing.

All these sensations and memories are now possible again on iPhone, touch and iPad thanks to Karate Champ a conversion made by art by Revolutionary Concepts. The display only in vertical mode, chosen to host a digital reproduction of the 2 joysticks at the bottom of the screen without the player's fingers interfering with the view. Karate Champ on the App Store could not be more similar to the old, original bar: the graphics, the audio effects, including one of the first examples of vocal synthesis of the time, were undoubtedly recreated by fans of the original title.

Karate Champ can be played in single player against the computer to try to defeat the karateka managed by iPhone and touch within the original 12 scenarios. To play multiplayer you can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Finally, remember that the game also works on iPad thanks to the compatibility mode, with discrete results through 2x magnification.

Karate Champ available on the App Store for 1.59 euros.

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