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Ive, man of cover culture

Ive, cover man of culture –

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For BBC News Jonathan Ive "the man of culture" on the cover for the year 2003.

To elect Ive, the designer of all the most successful Apple products in terms of style, from the iMac CRT to the recent iMac LCD, was an online survey in which thousands of site visitors took part.

Ive conquered, certainly not without a silent but effective mobilization by Mac enthusiasts (maybe even Italians given our report), 24% of the consensus beating Ian Fleming (the father of James Bond) and several other notorious and lesser known figures of the British cultural world.

Now Ive in the race to conquer the title of "cover character" for the year 2003, a title that will be defined with the survey of the surveys taking place in these hours.

The well-known rock star Ozzie Osbourne, winner of the show category, the director (sic!) Micahel Moore, a triumph in the field of politics, and Gary Lineker result the favorite in the field of sport for his attempt to save his beloved club football Leicester.

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