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Italian iPads purchased on the Apple Store have been shipped

The Italian iPads purchased on the Apple Store have been shipped –

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Italian iPads have been shipped. During the afternoon and later in the evening, several readers of our site reported that they had changed the status of their tablet from "ready to ship" to "shipped".

The machines should travel from China, where they are assembled in the Foxconn factory in Shenzen, not too far from Shanghai, to Holland where the packages will be assembled with other Apple accessories or products ordered contextually and then sent to the final destination. At this evening the TNT tracking that allows you to see where the shipment is located had not yet been updated and therefore for now it is not possible to say where the iPads are or how they were shipped (whether individually or in containers), but on previous occasions which have affected new products, the China-Holland route and from here to Italy was the one usually followed.

Delivery times for iPads remain as expected: May 28th.

Thanks for the report to Riccardo, SalsaLock, MiniMe, Angelo Lodi

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