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Italian iPad ready to ship

Italian iPads ready to ship –

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The machine prepared by Apple for the iPad launch is proceeding at full speed and according to the scheduled times. To say so the report sent to Macitynet of the status "ready to ship" assigned to some of the iPads ordered in the first days of availability.

The message, which appears in the order interface, within the Apple account, is the most obvious sign that the mechanism set up by the Apple in … perfect time. In practice, the iPads are in the warehouses and labeling and packaging are being prepared for sending. Recall that those who ordered iPad immediately after the opening of orders will receive it at home on Friday 28 April, or on the same day on which it will be placed (to stay there for a short time given the demand and availability?) on the shelves of the APR and of some Italian retailers who will participate in the launch campaign.

The "ready to ship" status does not mean that the machine will be shipped on Monday, but only that Apple is ready to deliver the device into the hands of couriers. If the shipment will take place from the Dutch warehouses, it is possible that the "shipped" status will appear on Wednesday late in the evening or on Thursday morning. In the USA Cupertino had a maniacal attention to ensure that the machines were not delivered late but not even in advance, they manage to keep the customs documentation to prevent that even by mistake a forwarder could bring iPad customers home outside the date promise.

Thanks for the report to SalsaLock.

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