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iPhone OS 4 will have a customizable dictionary

iPhone OS 4 will have a customizable dictionary –

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Typing quickly on the screen, it could happen that the self-correction initially activated on the iPhone and iPod Touch replaces correct words with others that are not in the least connected with the message you are writing. Because of the poor control and customization of this system, many users prefer to disable it almost instantly. Well, one of the users of the well-known Gizmodo portal reported to the site a novelty hidden within the fourth beta of the iPhone OS4 development kit, the next version of the mobile operating system made by Apple.

In short, within the settings relating to the keyboard, the possibility of accessing a dictionary customized by the user would be hidden, in which to enter the terms that will be used by the self-correction system of each language. According to user opinions, it seems that this application is quite difficult to notice: who knows that it will no longer be highlighted with the final version of the firmware.

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