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iPad: the Mondadori book on the Apple tablet is already in the library

iPad: the Mondadori book on the Apple tablet is already in the library –

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There are only a few days left before the iPad arrives in Italy, but one of the first Italian manuals dedicated to the Apple tablet is already available in bookstores. Written by the highly active Matteo Discardi and published by Mondadori, the iPad book cannot go unnoticed, in fact it was made in paperback with the same dimensions and the same format as the iPad. On the cover imprinted the main screen of the color tablet, so that on the store shelf it will seem to find the real tablet.

In the iPad book Matteo Discardi explains the features and functions of the tablet, synchronization with Mac and PC via iTunes, the main applications, also offers a guide on the App Store and on the best software already available for the tablet.

The Mondadori "iPad" manual by Matteo Discardi is already available in bookstores at a price of 9.90 euros: remember that it is also possible to buy it in the online library. (sponsor) Here the manual currently included in a 3 × 2 Bol promotion that allows you to buy 2 volumes and receive one as a gift.

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