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iPad, shipping times for new orders are still slipping

iPad, shipping times for new orders still slip –

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As Apple begins shipping iPads ordered to first-hour customers, the shipping times for those who decide to buy today are still slipping and going from June 7 to a more generic "June". To say that, on the one hand, Cupertino has not yet managed to match the tablet's supply and demand and, on the other, that the demand is still very high, the Apple Store thermometer updated this night with the new timing.

The transition from 28 May (the date on which the first iPads will arrive in the homes of Italians) to 7 June had taken place on Wednesday 12 May, 48 hours after the start of the collection of reservations. To be affected by the new leap forward in shipping times, how big nobody can say for now, probably not even Apple since there is no precise date, are all European customers. Shipping to 7-10 days in the US, like saying that an iPad ordered today arrives home in early June.

Recall that anyone wishing to buy an iPad will be able to do it from Friday by going to one of the Italian APR (not all) who have had a launch supply from Apple or one of the large retailers and IT chains that collaborate with Apple but for now none officially it still listed as participants in the "event" of the iPad debut in our country. It is probable that even in the points of sale in the area, out of stock (quickly given the quantities available, often a few units) the first batch will have to wait a few days before the stocks are restored.

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