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iPad: in the USA it is now possible to buy it in cash, also thanks to Diane Campbell

iPad: in the USA it is now possible to buy it in cash, also thanks to Diane Campbell –

It is now possible to purchase iPads also in cash in the United States. Apple, in fact, over the past 24 hours has changed its policy again allowing it to use liquid money and not just credit cards or debit cards to take the tablet home.

The decision was communicated in a news report by KGO-TV, a local network in San Francisco, which in recent days had brought media attention to the choice made by Cupertino to prohibit the sale of iPad to all those who did not present themselves with cards of payment. At the center of attention of the TV channel is the story of a woman who had been rejected at the checkout for this very reason. Just the story of Diane Campbell, this is the name of the protagonist of the story, and the uproar that followed also because the disabled woman and in economic conditions not able to afford a credit card so much that she struggled to collect enough money to buy his first computer that was supposed to be an iPad prompted Apple to change its policy.

diane campbell

A month ago we had adopted this policy – explained the head of the retail sector Ron Johnson – to be sure that our customers purchased no more than two iPads each. We learned from you (from the TV network Ed.) That Diane wanted to buy an iPad in cash and this prompted us to change our directives. From today anyone can buy in cash, as long as you create an Apple account at our shop.

Apple has also done more than just allowing its customers to buy cash. He also decided to repair the image damage suffered by the refusal presented to Mrs. Campbell, giving her an iPad. Two Apple employees showed up at her door offering her what she hadn't been able to buy after having, imaginably with some effort, put aside the necessary money. Below the TV service where the whole story is told: we note that in Flash format therefore not viewable on iPhone, touch and iPad.

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