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iPad already in the hands of Italian couriers

iPad already in the hands of Italian couriers –

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IPads have landed in Italy. To Macitynet that the tablets ordered on the Apple Store have landed in our country are some readers of our site who report the "sighting" in the TNT interface.

A curious detail is the one reported by at least two consecutive emails in which reference is made to "non-delivery due to problems being resolved" (image alongside). In the TNT tracking, it is not specified what type of "problems" it is, but not to exclude the intervention of the hand of Apple that in this way will at least until tomorrow shipments to the end customer's address, this to arrive on time as much as possible to the appointment the day after tomorrow. Recall that in the US to avoid an early delivery, Apple had retained the customs notes, effectively preventing the shipment.

Recall that, as reported during the evening yesterday, in fact some iPad already escaped the links of the iron roadmap and arrived in the homes of lucky customers. It is possible that some other tablet is already delivered and activated tomorrow. In this discussion of the Macitynet forum, some testimonials from customers who have already received the iPad, including Ricky delli Paoli who was probably the first ever and we talked about last night.

In the meantime, Macitynet sources report that iPads for stores have landed. Packages must be carefully stored until Friday morning.

Thanks to Pino, Marco Savaresi, EcceBombo

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