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IE, the undisputed king of the Internet

IE, the undisputed king of the Internet –

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More than the Internet, Internet Explorer. The network is becoming increasingly synonymous with Microsoft's browser and to prove it there are the data made public yesterday by OneStat a company that also operates in the field of the browser market.

According to OneStat, currently 19 out of 20 users on the network 19 use a Microsoft product, which is one of the oldest browsers and the most recent (and only for Win) IE 6.0

Just IE 6.0, according to OneStat, by far the most used of surfers with 57.7% of the market and up from 52.3% of the last survey.

Behind the Moloch in Redmond is Opera with 0.8%; Netscape 7 still further back with 0.6% (+ 0.1%); the galaxy of Mozilla-based surfers barely reach 1.1%. The remaining 2.5% represented by old Netscape or alternative and unclassified products such as those for the Unix world and those for Mac (such as iCab).

OneStat detects its statistics on a sample of 2 million visitors on particular sites that track the "identity" of browsers using JavaScript code

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