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How to perform a factory reset on Samsung smartwatches GUIDE

What time is yours Samsung smartwatch have some performance problems or have the intention to sell it immediately, a factory reset in this case it can only be for you. All the wearable devices of the Korean company use the Tizen operating system, any model you have, therefore, will have the same procedure of recovery, which in this guide we will show you how to use.

How to reset your Samsung smartwatch

Data backup

Before we start, we obviously recommend that you make a back up the data from your Samsung smartwatch. Although these devices may certainly not contain the same important information that is usually present on our smartphones, a backup still saves the "boredom" of having to reset our settings.

Here's how to do it:

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<li><strong>Open the Galaxy Wereable app</strong> on your smartphone;</li>
<li>Scroll down until you find the section<strong><em>Accounts and backups</em></strong>;</li>
<li>Make sure your Samsung account is connected, then tap<strong><em>Backup and restore</em></strong>  and afterwards<strong><em>Data backup</em></strong>;</li>
<li>Choose the settings and apps you want to include in the backup;</li>
<li>touch<strong><em>Backup</em></strong>  at the bottom of the screen, the operation started will take a couple of seconds, once the process is complete, you can touch <strong><em>end</em></strong>  to then restore the factory settings.</li>
<p>We note that Samsung backup <strong>does not provide for copying images and music</strong> contained in the smartwatch, then manually save these multimedia elements.</p>
<h3><span style=Factory reset

The factory reset on Samsung wearable devices is very simple. can proceed in three waysi.e. restore the factory settings directly from the smartwatch, use the Galaxy Wereable app from the phone or use the restart mode. Here is how each method works:

Factory reset from the smartwatch

  • From your smartwatch, on the main screen, swipe left twice to access the app pane;
  • Touch the iconSettingsand scroll down until you find the entry General;
  • Scroll down and select the optionRestore, you will then be asked to confirm your choice, touch the check mark to start the smartwatch recovery procedure.

Restore from the Galaxy Wearable app

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<li>Open the Galaxy Wereable app on your smartphone, make sure the smartwatch is showing <strong>connected via Bluetooth</strong>, touch the button <strong><em>Connect</em></strong>  what time it wasn't, turning on Bluetooth;</li>
<li>Scroll down and find the section<em><strong>General</strong></em>later touching the voice;</li>
<li>From the displayed options, choose<strong><em>Reset</em></strong>. Then tap again<em>Reset</em>.</li>
<h3>Manual factory reset</h3>
<p>If your Samsung smartwatch has gods <strong>performance problems</strong>, which compromise its usability, you may not be able to connect it to your smartphone. In this case, you will have to run a <strong>manual hard reset</strong>:</p>
<li><strong>Turn off the smartwatch</strong> holding down the power button (usually located in the lower right part of the dial). If the device does not respond, <strong>keep it pressed until it restarts</strong> clock;</li>
<li>During the restart, press the power button several times in rapid succession, you will access the restart mode, select<strong><em>Recovery</em></strong>  scrolling the options with the <strong>home button</strong>;</li>
<li>The device <strong>will restart again</strong> to start the procedure, <strong>erasing all data</strong>.</li>
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