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Here are the iApps from Microsoft

Create videos, retouch and archive photos, print disc covers, organize audio files, import and create your own CDs. This and much more promises to know how to make Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition, a new suite of integrated applications dedicated to Windows XP and which will be released (cost $ 19.95) on January 7th.

Microsoft Plus Digital Media Edition, there is little doubt about it, in fact, the counterpart of Apple's iApps. How the latter wants to disclose access to the digital world, placing the PC at the center of the gadgets that now invade our everyday life by integrating it with digital cameras, digital cameras, MP3 players and burners.

Much like iPhoto, for example, Plus! Photo Story, an application used to import and organize photo albums. A special feature of Photo Story is the possibility of creating "albums on the move", in which there are special effects such as zoom, pan and scan, music and comments.

Party Mode, integrated with Windows Media Player and Dance, instead able to transform, claims Microsoft, the PC desktop into a sort of dance floor, with 3D characters dancing to the rhythm of the most disparate types of music chosen by the user . A clock with alarm is also available that functions as an alarm clock and that plays music with "sleep" functionality, that is, it switches off gradually as time passes.

More useful are other modules that allow you to digitize analog audio, import and export to MP3, print CD covers and archive music CDs.

Finally Plus! Sync & Go for Pocket PC an application that allows you to import, synchronize and read on PocketPC the content provided on the Internet by Microsoft partners such as MarketWatch, Inc., Indy Racing League,,, OverDrive Inc. and Warner Music Group.

Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition also integrates a new version of Windows Movie Maker, the iMovie "clone" released some time ago.

If anyone, after reading the characteristics of the package, still had some doubts that the "target" of competition is precisely the digital hub of Apple with its iApplications, if he will certainly leverage it by learning that the release date of Digital Media Edition the January 7 noting that same as Jobs's keynote in San Francisco. Evidently, it aims to "steal" the scene from the announcements that will be made in that context.

Last year, we remember, Microsoft decided to go head to head with Apple, aiming to present the "Mira" tablet on the same day that the launch of the iMac LCD was scheduled at the Macworld Expo. Jobs to anticipate the keynote (for the need to appear on the cover of Time), bypassing the trap and frustrating Bill Gates' plan.