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He no longer snores with Basta Ronfare and Alarm Clock for iPhone

He no longer snores with Basta Ronfare and Alarm Clock for iPhone –

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Those who have been disappointed by the limited possibility of customizing the alarm clock integrated in the iPhone and iPod Touch, have probably already purchased or downloaded a good alternative through the App Store. However, among the many minimalist and traditional alarm clocks, some absolutely extravagant applications pop up from time to time. Developed by Little Worlds Studio, Just Ronfare and Wake up one of these.

The instrument consists mainly of three parts: the first is none other than the Alarm Clock function, which allows you to select the alarm from your music library or one of the 35 already integrated inside. There are several customization options, but the funniest thing that the application allows you to turn off the alarm clock by shouting, clapping or making noise: useful to avoid getting out of bed if your iPhone is distant. The second feature called Anti-Humming, and can be used to not annoy others, or to stop snoring: by keeping the device next to the bed, this will reveal whether you are snoring or not, and an alarm will be activated accordingly. It must be said that it is important to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone first, if you do not want to be disturbed at the slightest of noises. Finally, the last feature of the tool aims to analyze all the night activity: how long you slept, how much you snored and how long it took you to turn off the alarm. Everything will then be translated into eloquent graphs.

Despite being a universal application, also compatible with iPod Touch and iPad, Basta Ronfare and Sveglia can only be exploited to the best on the iPhone, since the microphone is necessary for many of the characteristic functions. A Lite version is not available at the moment, but the complete application can be purchased on the App Store at a cost of 79 cents.

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