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GQ on iPad, far from a success

GQ on iPad, far from a success –

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Just a few days ago we reported the news according to which Vanity Fair, the well-known US fashion magazine, made its digital version debut on the App Store. While the first sales figures are awaited, however, it seems that GQ, another magazine of the Cond Nast editorial group, is far from doing well on the Apple platform. One of the most appealing numbers (the December issue dedicated to men of the year) has in fact only sold 365 copies so far.

The editorial staff of the magazine said: ?It costs us nothing to produce this version of the magazine: neither for the press, nor for the writing of the articles. We can only make money and wait for the moment when iPad sales have gone up exponentially. " Now we really have to wonder how much the impact of the Apple device will actually influence the publishing market, or if such poor sales are due to an equally low commitment of the newspapers in creating excellent multimedia applications, which are real alternatives to print magazines and not just simple PDFs.

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