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Best speedcam app for iPhone: Autovelox Italia


Reporting speed cameras for iPhone: here is the best app to have updated speed cameras on iPhone. Speed ??cameras updated for iPhone: here is the best program

Autovelox Italia: program for the updated autovelox reports on iPhone


Detect real-time speed cameras on iPhone

IPhone users, today I point out a very interesting program for your smartphones. Today's program allows you to have real-time alerts for speed cameras on your smartphones.

If you travel often or are thinking of driving your car in view of the 2015 holidays, the applicationSpeed ??cameras Italy must absolutely be present on your iPhone. As the name of the program says, in fact, this program allows you to have all speed cameras updated directly on your Apple smartphone. In this way you can travel safely and peacefully, because you will have a faithful travel companion who will warn you in real time and with a notice in case of "danger" on arrival.

The best apps for fixed and mobile speed cameras on iPhone

If you want to avoid spending half your wages on fines or losing points on your driver's license,Speed ??cameras Italy the app that's right for you. This is actually an application released in 2009, widespread and equally appreciated by all motorists, which offers an always updated database with all types of speed camera locations in the area. Definitely a must-have for all those who want to drive safely and above all who want to avoid losing money and points on their driving license.

Speed ??cameras for iPhone: the best apps

The operation ofSpeed ??cameras Italy extremely simple, but I assure you that, after you have used it a few times, you can no longer do without it. The program, in fact, viassists driving reporting the control posts, speed cameras and other "dangerous" points for your driving license on the Italian territorythus helping you to travel safely, avoid fines and save money.

The program is constantly updated: the moment I write, the Speed ??Camera locations and Speed ??Camera Italia Tutor routes are updated in May 2015.In addition, this iPhone application is the only one report the speed cameras on the road you are traveling on and is able to discriminate speed cameras, with the possibility of adjust the scan angle and with the warning distance that adjusts to the speed. In practice, this program only tells you the veloxes that are on your way, without unnecessarily playing for speed cameras that are not in your path. Fantastic!

To make matters worse, the application adapts to your driving style calculating the warning distance based on speed and road traveled. Also this very useful function: you will be notified in time of the presence of speed cameras or other dangerous points in order to save fines and money.

Obviously Autovelox Italia does not work only with the Speed ??Cameras, but also with i tutor.In the Speed ??Cameras Tutor the program automatically displays the average speed in real time, avoiding you to incur any penalties.

Autovelox Italia reports occur through voice and visual alerts, allowing for distraction-free driving. In addition to the warnings, the radar provides additional help by viewing nearby locations even if not in line with the route.

A very important thing to report that the application also works in the background:you can therefore use this programwith other applications such as navigators, integrating the help to the guide through the comfortable vocal signals that will protect you from speed cameras scattered along your route.

With over 34000 points loaded into the database is all Tutor dItalia routes, Speed ??Cameras has the country's most comprehensive databaseis reports all types of checks The database maintained and managed by the community of Adivor, that checks the reliability of the reports, ensuring accuracy and quality of the reports. In short, even the updated, verified and certified database: you can travel truly safe withAutovelox Italia installed on your iPhone.

Points of interest uploaded to Autovelox Italia for iPhone:

  • Fixed speed cameras
  • Mobile Speed ??Cameras (Points where you can often find patrols)
  • Traffic lights controlled by camera (TRED and REDSTOP)
  • Traffic lights with speed detector
  • Tutor (SICVE)
  • Dangerous points
  • Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL)
  • overtaking
  • Preferential lane cameras

Last thing to report: Autovelox an application that does not require a data connection, and, thanks to the low power consumption, it does not heat the iPhone and does not excessively consume the battery (although, I remember, the continued use of GPS in the background can drastically decrease battery life). Obviously I recommend using the app in the car while the smartphone connected to the charger.

In short, if you want to have speed cameras updated on your iPhone,Speed ??cameras Italy the program for you! The program costs only 1 on the App Store: I would say that a figure that can be spent considering that the app will save you a lot of money in fines

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