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A little bit of Apple in the Lord of the Rings

A little Apple in the Lord of the Rings –

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There are also Apple technologies at work in the second episode of "The Lord of the Rings".

According to an article published by Apple, in fact, in the second (out in January in Italian theaters) episode of the saga, The Two Towers, and in the third, The Return of the King, most of the special effects of post production were made using Shake.

The powerful software purchased by Apple a few months ago was the basis of the work of the New Zealander WETA Digital, which took care of most of the visual effects of the two episodes of the film.

The use of Shake has been intensive. As many as 90% of the retouched film has undergone effects made with Shake. In several situations Shake has also been used in conjunction with Maya.

Among other effects, Shake was also used to make Gandalf and Hobbits very high, but also to create hundreds of other effects that will make the film unforgettable.

Those who want to read the details of the use of Shake in The Lord of the Rings will find bread for his teeth in the 4 pages set up by Apple

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