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Zoom outperforms TikTok: it's the most downloaded (non-game) mobile app in April

Unstoppable zoom in April, despite the safety problems that characterized the phases in which the app had a greater diffusion following the health emergency. The growing use of Zoom is in fact linked to the increase in remote working activities (smart working) that require applications for videoconferencing and the coordination of work groups. Last month Zoom It was the most downloaded (non-game) smartphone app on Android and iOS platforms. According to data released by Sensor Tower managed to unseat another popular app like TikTok which had held the top position for several months.

The popular social network based on sharing short videos has moved into second place while I am more detached the apps that enter direct competition with Zoom. Google Meet it is in eighth place in the overall ranking, third in the one that includes downloads from the App Store but is not in the top ten downloads from Google Play. Even more detached Microsoft Teams, tenth in the overall ranking, in fourth place in the one relating to apps for iOS and also absent in the top 10 of Android apps.

In April the Zoom downloads worldwide have been around 131 million, that is to say that I am increased 60 times on an annual basis. The countries where the greatest number of installations were concentrated are India (18.2% of total downloads attributable to this market) and the United States (14.3% of total downloads in the area). TikTok continues to have significant numbers with 107 million installations in April – they have increased by 2.5 times compared to April 2019, 22% were made in India. In the overall ranking (Android and iOS) Facebook apps – Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger – rank from third to sixth place.