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X-BOX, Microsoft doesn't give up

The XBOX doesn't take off, but Microsoft doesn't give up. The Redmond company announced yesterday that it does not intend in any way to find a strategy to exit the console market but that, on the contrary, it is verifying what can be done to further push the market for its product.

The announcement came from Microsoft CFO John Connors who confirmed that his company will make new resources available to X-BOX for marketing and research.

"The current position of reinforcement," Connors said when asked about the possible choices that would determine Microsoft to exit the console market "temporary". We have a strategy to bring the X-BOX to success

Rumors about the possibility that Microsoft had now decided to start a 'release' from the video game sector to focus on 'living room' computers equipped with an ad hoc operating system have spread insistently in recent days. Redmond would have seen in this type of CPU, equipped with DVD player, hardware and software for the protection of digital content, network connection systems, a sort of trojan horse to achieve the goals it had set itself with the X-BOX.

Leaving the market for real consoles, where it is now clear that undermining Sony and Nintendo a real titanic enterprise that presupposes the profusion of billions of dollars in the face of a success that does not seem certain at all, in favor of Entertainment PC, according to rumors, a good escape route would appear.

According to analysts, Microsoft will have to spend over $ 2 billion over five years to fight on the console front.