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Windows users drop in the pandemic, Mac and Linux users grow

Windows users have declined concomitantly with the coronavirus pandemic. According to the latest Net Applications data, Microsoft's operating system accounted for 88.14% of the global operating system market in April, a 2.3% drop, the largest since November 2017.

The "decline" (if you can say so) in the number of Windows users corresponds to an increase in macOS and Linux users. Apple's operating system now, according to Net Applications data, has a market share of 9.38%, and Linux also grows with a market share of 1.89%.

If Mac users have probably grown by virtue of the fact that many home-made users have chosen Apple computers, the growth of Linux is mysterious, widely used in the server sector, but much less in the domestic sphere. The interesting fact of Linux that the greatest contribution of users comes from Ubuntu, a distribution oriented to use on desktop computers, also suitable for users without great skills, hiding the most technical complexities.

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Compared to the previous data, the market share of Windows 10 alone decreased by 1.3%, with 56.1% of the market. The decline of Windows 7 continues, a "stainless" system that still boasts a hard core of users equal to 25.6% of the market. Windows 8 has never been highly appreciated by users and this is shown by the current 4.4% market share.

The surprising but not too much data is that of Ubuntu, and by extension Linux in general, a system that has been gaining more attention for some time also in the gaming sector and also among those who simply want a machine to surf the web with greater security, by virtue of specific privacy features.

It will be interesting to analyze the data that will be released in the coming months to understand if there are other news on the matter. Net Applications statistics are calculated by checking internet traffic: when we browse some sites they can check details such as the operating system and the browser used, resolution, plugins and other details.

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