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Will the new iPhone also be available in a completely white version?

Will the new iPhone also be available in a completely white version? –

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Apple enthusiasts and not only believe they already know all or almost all of the new iPhone coming thanks to the numerous scoops that have appeared on the Net. Perhaps for Apple's awaited smartphone it has another small surprise in terms of design: unlike the white versions seen to date, in the same color only on the back, the new model could offer a fully colored chassis, including the front, so far identical for both variants.

The suspicion arises from some photos that emerged from the world of oriental components, more precisely from the Taiwanese site In the image it is possible to observe the now known black front panel side by side, together with a completely white version. The latter model has a small reflective surface right above the hole for the speaker, whose task is not completely clear.

If the rumors were confirmed you would be faced with a significant variant in the design of the phone that accompanies those already known: including square edges and back in very shiny material.

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