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The iPad Supreme Edition: 22-karat solid gold with diamonds

iPad Supreme Edition Stuart Hughes

An iPad of 150 thousand euros. Here is the latest madness proposed by Stuart Hughes, the goldsmith and unbridled and ostentatious luxury guru. The price of the tablet is not incredible once you know the construction details. The chassis always with unibody technology but instead of the prosaic aluminum used by the engineers of Cupertino Hughes, who makes cell phones, PDAs, computers in the finest materials in the world, offers a chassis made from a single block of solid 22-karat gold.

Even the Apple logo on the back has been subjected to a treatment to make it less obvious, in addition to the gold, 53 diamonds of 25.5 carat guaranteed quality have also been used here. Each diamond, noblesse demands, has been carved in the shape of a bitten apple, so that in the iPad Supreme Edition signed Stuart Hughes the Apple logo composed of many small precious items of the same shape.

The Macity editorial team has already submitted a review request to verify some of the essential characteristics of the product. Our most relevant doubts, established that for the price, as mentioned, of 129,995 steriline, equal to just over 150 thousand euros, will allow us if only to have the top 64 GB version with cellular connection, revolve around the weight: with gold and diamonds instead of aluminum iPad reaches 2.1 kilograms, a little too much to read and play light (and carefree).

iPad Supreme Edition Stuart Hughes