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The first Segways were delivered.

The first Segways were delivered. –

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As they reminded you a month ago, exclusively on Amazon, it is possible to order your Segway Human Transporter and the first eager users have already obtained it in preview, in these hours, thanks to the competition established by the company of Dean Kamen. The first twelve customers who they can use it, very recently, they all say enthusiastic and, who can afford it economically (they cost five thousand dollars each), has already ordered other specimens (which will arrive in the spring) and are already selling their previously used cars to move to your home. Another six winners will be announced this week. The two-day course to learn how to use a Segway HT, at the snowy New Hampshire factory, and to get to know its inventor lasted two days. does not want to officially declare how many orders they have received and the spokeswoman Carla Vallone simply says that "we are satisfied". To see what these customers have done during the course and how they then assembled their Segway HT at their home we suggest clicking on these links where there is a large documentation of images and videos (Windows Media).

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