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The Cube lives again with the double 1.2 GHz

The Apple Cube was at one time one of the biggest recent disappointments for Cupertino but also one of the most loved products by a large part of its users. Even today many fans regret its disappearance, which took place just over a year after its launch, cultivate its 'myth' trying to keep it alive and in step with the times.

An important contribution in this sense is given by the manufacturers of update cards who do not forget the passion of its owners, who are enticed with the release of upgrades capable of prolonging the life of their 'loved one'.

Therefore, this particular category of users will certainly be interested in learning that soon they could be able to update their machine with the latest Motorola processors bringing it up to 1.2 GHz.

Confirmation comes directly from Powerlogix, one of the most active manufacturers in this field.

According to what reported by some American sites, in fact, Powerlogix would be making the final touches to a card that would allow you to mount the new chips without modifying other hardware. The American company would in fact have managed to find an alternative system to replacing the power supply that posed several cost and assembly problems.

In addition to 1.2 GHz processors, PowerLogix would also be about to release an 800 MHz and 1.2 GHz dual processor card, which would transform the old Cube into an exceptional machine, for those interested in not giving up on its very favorable and still innovative design .

The cards are expected to be available, Powerlogix says, by the end of January.

How to update the Cube and how to perpetuate its life is discussed in a special section of our Forum.