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The app that lets you watch (and comment on) movies with friends

AirTime a free application for Android and iPhone that allows you to share what you are watching or listening with ten contacts

AirTime(Photo: AirTime)

In this period of forced stay at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic, applications are the most practical and immediate method for keep in touch with friends. Since it is forbidden to join physically there are solutions for meet in a virtual way in complete safety.

One of the latest proposals is called AirTime and puts on the plate a very interesting idea, that of creating a real virtual room. It could be considered as a more security-oriented version of that houseparty that had many privacy problems. The philosophy of shared entertainment follows, however, focusing on a good series of ready-to-use content like movies, music, news and live broadcasts.

AirTimes can be downloaded for free on Android and iPhone, requires the phone number and access to contacts as well as video camera and microphone. You choose a username and you are ready to invite friends and then go to create a virtual room with up to ten participants choosing whether to open it public so as to allow even outsiders to enter or to leave it private (recommended choice these days).

The real strength of the app lies in the icon below with popcorn that allows you to access a selection of videos from YouTube (from video games to news), Twitch channels for live, a huge selection of memes, music from SoundHound to your photo gallery and, last but not least, to a catalog of freely watchable films and TV series with friends to comment on them together with chats, stickers and reactions.

The titles are certainly not of the last fur, but you can not complain (the free app, remember) with some goodies like Memento, many horror films like Let me in or the various Paranormal Activity, but also serials like Hell?s Kitchen, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Storage Wars and content for the little ones like Shrek.

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