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Switching from Android to iOS (iPhone) has never been easier


Switch from Android to iPhone with Move to iOS. The Move to iOS program allows you to easily switch from an Android smartphone to an iPhone without losing data

Move to iOS, here is the Apple application that helps you transfer data from Android to iPhone

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<p style=Apple, with the release of iOS 9, introduce a new service that render very easy to switch from Android to iOS: let's see how it works.

How to switch from Android to iOS (iPhone)

Think about that switching from Android to iOS (iPhone) is difficult? You do not want switch from Android to iOS (iPhone) not to risk losing data, contacts, messages, photos and other personal information stored on the phone? Apple has thought of you and has released the perfect app to switch from Android to iOS (iPhone).

Apple is doing all it can to get users to abandon Android in favor of an iPhone. How? By releasing a program that allows you to transfer all the contents of the Android smartphone to the iPhone, without losing data, information, photos, address book, contacts, videos, music or other.

Thanks to Apple's Move to iOS project, switching from Android to iOS (iPhone) has never been easier.

What Move to iOS from Apple? How does it work? What is it for?

Move to iOS a new application made by Apple, soon available on the Play Store, which allows the transfer of contacts, messages, photos, videos, bookmarks, emails, calendars, songs, books, etc via wireless.In practice, you can transfer ALL the content of your Android smartphone to your iPhone in an easy, fast and automatic way, without losing ANYTHING.

Moreover, the software allows you to rebuild your application library: all the free apps used on the Android smartphone can be automatically downloaded from the App Store when changing the device, while the paid ones will appear directly in your wish list.

The application was announced during the launch conference of the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015along with iOS 9, the new version of the iPhone and iPad operating system.

The data transfer will be available starting from the launch of the new Apple OS, scheduled for next autumn.

In conclusion, Apple has studied it really well to convince users to switch from Android to iOS (iPhone). After all it is useless to deny it: the loss of data, information, photos, contacts, the backup and all the shaking related to change phone certainly represents a great obstacle for users, who probably thanks to Move to iOS will take greater account of the switch from Android to iOS (iPhone),aided by an automatic procedure that greatly simplifies the change of smartphone and operating system.

Anyway, Apple's move is not surprising: the Cupertino company aims to di widen its user base as much as possibleand to do this he must try to steal users from competitors, simplifying their transition from one operating system to another.

I'm really curious how the Move To iOS program will work.

What do you think of this Apple move?

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