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SwitchEasy: 3 films to protect and personalize the iPad screen

SwitchEasy: 3 films to protect and personalize the iPad screen –

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SwitchEasy presents the new films of the Pure series that can protect the screen of the iPad and at the same time offer an additional function which is different according to the model. Throughout the series, the manufacturer ensures protection against scratches thanks to particularly resistant films, also equipped with an antistatic membrane to eliminate dust deposits.

To these basic functions each film offers an additional feature or function depending on the model. For example, the PureReflect film capable of transforming the iPad screen into a real mirror, captivating to see and also useful for checking makeup. With the PureProtect model, in addition to protecting the iPad screen, we can further increase the glossy effect of the Apple tablet screen. Finally we remember the PureAntiReflect model which avoids scratches and at the same time promises to solve or alleviate one of the least welcome drawbacks of the iPad glossy screen: reflections.

Each SwitchEasy film from the Pure series supplied with a microfiber cleaning cloth and a tool to facilitate the application of the film on the iPad screen. In the USA, prices are $ 20 for the PureReflect mirror film, $ 18 for the anti-glare model and $ 15 for the PureProtect version.

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