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Spotify Music Innovation Hub supports the Italian music industry

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Spotify has worked with partners in the music industry to bring solutions to support the artists and creator community most affected by the effects of the virus. Although streaming still remains a source of revenue for artists and a way to keep in touch with their fans, the ongoing crisis has blocked many other earning opportunities until recently essential for many people active in the music sector.

Spotify COVID-19 We support music

Spotify announced the COVID-19 project We support Music, in collaboration with organizations that help the most needy artists, professionals and workers in the sector: MusiCares and Music Health Alliance in the United States, Center National de la Musique in France , the PRS Foundation and Help Musicians in the United Kingdom, Deutsche Orchester Stiftung in Germany are some examples of organizations with which the collaboration originated internationally.

Now Spotify announces that the project is also landing in Italy and the partner identified Music Innovation Hub spa (MIH), a social enterprise that believes in music as an instrument of emancipation, inclusion and integration, an expressive form capable of releasing new energies and breaking barriers social. MIH an incubator of new artistic talents: develops professional training programs, encourages networking opportunities internationally and promotes innovative projects in the field of production, consumption and music distribution.

Spotify Music Innovation Hub supports the Italian music industry

Alongside Spotify and the Music Innovation Hub, the main associations in the music sector, such as FIMI (Italian Music Industry Federation), AFI (Italian Phonograph Association), SMEs (Independent Music Producers) with the collaboration of the Municipality of Milan and Milan Music Week.For every euro donated to MIH through this page, Spotify will donate another, up to a total of 10 million dollars globally (including all partner organizations to date).

The music industry is one of the hardest hit by the Covid-19 crisis: Spotify continues to play a key role in bringing artists together with their fans, but we know that the suspension of tours and activities related to the promotion of new projects is causing huge losses for artists, musicians and professionals who work in the entire music chain declares Federica Tremolada, Managing Director Southern and Eastern Europe of Spotify. The Spotify COVID-19 project Let's Support Music, in collaboration with Music Innovation Hub, wants to support music in a really crucial moment. And we are really happy not to be alone: ??the main Italian associations in the sector – FIMI, AFI and PMI – with the collaboration of the Municipality of Milan and Milan Music Week, have taken the field to support the program.

The possibility offered to us by Spotify and by the other member institutions, to which we hope other institutional realities and the wider world of music lovers will join over time, represents for us an important stimulus and perfectly coherent with our mission that of contributing to growth and to the innovation of the Italian music supply chain. We like to imagine that this project can help to look beyond the emergency to recognize an important role in the Italian musical community in the cultural, social and economic policies of our country. This was stated by Dino Lupelli, general manager of Music Innovation Hub.

The initiative promoted by Spotify in partnership with Music Innovation Hub is very important at this moment where many music workers found themselves in a difficult situation at any moment. As FIMI and other AFI and PMI industrial associations we are committed to finding the best solutions at government level and this project responds to an immediate need for many fragile workers in the sector, said FIMI CEO Enzo Mazza.Spotify tests its Stories, they will be called Stotyline

The feature on Spotify for Artists

Spotify also launched the feature Artist Fundraising Pick which allows artists to raise funds directly from their fans in a difficult time like this, in support of their music, their bands and crews, through their Spotify profile. For the launch of the project Spotify worked together with an initial group of fundraising partners: the artists can in fact choose to insert a link to GoFundMe and Spotify for Artists admin users can select "Get started" on the banner at the top of their dashboard to send their fundraising request.

On the Spotify for Artists page you can find more details. Fundraising depends on the choice of the Artists, as long as it falls within Spotify's safety policy. For those who are continuing to build from home, SoundBetter's music talent marketplace will waive its revenue share, Soundtrap audio recording platform will offer extended free trials for educators, and Anchor will waive fees on its Listener Support feature. Further information is available on this page.

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