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Sherlock towards an update

Sherlock towards an update –

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Apple is preparing to update Sherlock. Information about it was accidentally revealed by a beta tester to Apple's public mailing list and, although it was subsequently removed from view from the site, they contributed to the immediate future of the Mac OS X integrated search engine.

In particular Sherlock would be about to obtain some new 'channels': a system for searching telephone numbers, a 'tracker' to check the delivery status of parcels sent with express couriers and direct access to the Google search engine.

The presence of a channel for tracking packages sent via FederalExpress, Airborne Express, FedEx, UPS, United States Postal Service and by Apple itself was already present in one of the beta releases of Jaguar, but was eliminated before the final release.

At the moment it is not clear in what form the update will be released, if it is an update that concerns only Sherlock or if it will be included in one of the future updates of Mac OS X 10.2: given the structure of the program, a simple web link is sufficient to add new features.What seems sure that the refurbished Sherlock should appear in the context of the Macworld in San Francisco, as clarified by an excerpt from the same e-mail messages.

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